About You, Our Clients

What kind of person chooses Lord & Darling Portraits ?


You value quality and things that will last.

You are a Lord & Darling Portraits client because you are selective.  You’re not a slave to fads and fashion, and you enjoy the classics that never goes out of style.

You will only keep your sofa ten years, your big-screen television only four or five years–but you treasure a portrait that your grandchildren will enjoy.

Having a few possessions of lasting personal value is more important to you than a house full of things that mean nothing.  You may have a watch that belonged to your father or a set of silverware that belonged to your grandmother–and you plan to hand it down to your children.

You don’t mind paying more for such things. You care about memorializing important milestones and you cherish the photographs that celebrate them.

Your parents are important in your family history.

Perhaps your parents were the first in your family to finish college, own a business, move to the city, buy a home, or immigrate to this country.

They have been pivotal in the history of your family, and even if they are too modest to admit it themselves, you know they deserve a token of love and respect that you can pass to your own children.

You want to show your love for your parents to your children and to their children.

You love your children.

You want your children to see that their place in your heart is permanent.  You may sell their video game collection or box up their high school awards, but you want to have a wonderful portrait that will occupy a prominent place in your heart and home forever.

You want a record of your family at each stage of their lives that will go on long after your own memory has grown dim.

You have hope for your future.

You believe in the future for yourself and your children.  You believe in making investments to that future.  You have Lord & Darling Portraits in your home because you are building a heritage for the generations to come.