Frequently Asked Questions

• Why is your studio named “Lord & Darling?”


“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

–John 15, the New Testament of Jesus the Christ

Our studio is named Lord & Darling Portraits to keep our photographer mindful of Who his Senior Partner is.

Because we put our Senior Partner first, you can expect Lord & Darling Portraits to strive for the highest standard of professional and ethical relationships in all areas of our business.

For more information, please see About the Photographer.

• Why should I make a “shrine” to me or my kids?

Portraits are gifts of love, not shrines.

Portraits of yourself are not for you.  They are a loving family heritage for your children and your grandchildren.  They are a view of where they come from, not as they will know you then–old and frail–but as you are right now when you are writing a history that will resound for generations to come.

How many people already have pictures of places they have never been and people they do not know on their walls?  They have pictures of mountains, oceans, forests…the great works of God.

Yet they have not displayed as elegantly God’s crowning achievement:  Their own children.  Nothing God has created is as magnificent as your own children.  What mountain or river compares? A portrait of your children is not a shrine to them…is is a display of God’s most blessed work.

Your portrait is not for you, it is for those who love you.  It is for the people who love you right now, just as you are right now.  Their portraits are not for them, they are for you, just as they are right now.

Who does not need a portrait? Only a hermit…someone who loves no one and is loved by no one does not need a portrait.

Who needs a portrait?  Everyone who is loved by someone, everyone who loves someone.

• Why do you require a minimum of a 16×20-inch enlargement?

Please remember that a Lord & Darling portrait is designed from scratch to be an heirloom in your family for generations. Your Lord & Darling portrait will be more than just a photograph—it will be a work of art that you will be proud to display in your home or office as a reminder of your affections from this time on.

Your portrait is conceived, planned, photographed, and finished with this in mind at each step. This is why we have a thorough consultation with you to be sure we are working fully toward the same goal and achieve success satisfying to all.

We take a great deal of time—spending many hours on each image—to create the loveliest portrait possible. Your portrait is handled individually—there are no mass-production steps in our work.

The end result is an heirloom that will serve as a token and constant reminder of the love within your family. A smaller print–one that might be shoved into a drawer or into the closet–could never serve the same purpose.

Please see our Mission and Vision Statement for more information.

• Why are your prices so high?

We buy so many things, and so many of them last no more than a season or a few years at best.  The video games for our children are played out within hours.  The newest iPhone is old in a year.  A new computer is obsolete in three and a big-screen digital television is old hat in five.

A beautiful portrait of your loved ones will be cherished for generations.  It will may your children and grandchildren glow with pleasure generations after that big-screen television has gone to a landfill.  Of all the things you can buy for your home, a Lord & Darling portrait can outlast them all.  Smile for smile, dollar for dollar, year for year, a Lord & Darling portrait the best home investment you can make.

A Lord & Darling portrait is designed from scratch to be an heirloom in your home, something your family will own and cherish for generations. As such, the price include such things as archival materials, environmental coating, conservation framing, comprehensive retouching, and a liberal policy of repeat photography sessions.

If you are considering an investment of hundreds of dollars in an heirloom portrait, you should expect these to be standard, and in a Lord & Darling portrait they are. Our Satisfaction Guarantee  ensures that your investment will not be wasted.

If you compare our services and products feature-for-feature with other studios, you will see the value of a Lord & Darling portrait.

• What if we don’t like any of the pictures?

An heirloom portrait is not just an investment of money for you–this is something that your family will spend hundreds of hours viewing over the course of decades. It will become part of your lives, perhaps part of the lives of even your grandchildren.

We understand that, and Lord & Darling Portraits will work with you to ensure you get satisfying portraits that you will be thoroughly happy to display on your walls. It’s important to our mission to work hard until we’ve given you a portrait you love.

Sometimes a photography session doesn’t work out well for any number of reasons. You or your family may have had a hectic day, or the children may not be feeling very well. That may mean scheduling a second session, perhaps at no extra cost, depending on the circumstances.

Certainly, if the fault is ours, we will offer a new photography session at no charge to you. In fact, if we aren’t perfectly happy with the results ourselves, we will suggest it.

Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee for more information.

• Do you have an installment plan?

We do have a special zero-interest payment plan available. The way that we spread payments over the course of production, however, should make it unnecessary for most.

For more complete information, please ask.

• What type of clothing should we wear?

Our goal is to achieve a timeless image that presents you at your best, so there are two considerations to keep in mind: Clothing that best presents you in a photograph and clothing that avoids fashion trends.

Clothing options vary depending on the style of the session being done. The majority of sessions we photograph are truly capturing the relationships of our families and children together. The goal is to direct the viewer’s eye to the faces and relational elements of the photograph.

Therefore, for our relationship portraits we recommend simple,long-sleeved black clothing for our fine-art relational portrait subjects in the studio.

For other portraiture, such as on location or environmental, we recommend simple, solid colors that blend well together.  Personality portraits may run the gamut from eccentric period costumes to haute couture, but even then we want who you are to be more important in the portrait than what you wear.

Avoid mixtures of light and dark tones together as this creates “visual confusion”.  Also, patterns in clothing  for the most part should be avoided. With careful planning and communication with us, we can be sure to create for you work of art that is reflective of who you and your family are.

• What is a Certified Professional Photographer?

Certification:  Your Assurance of Quality

Certified Professional Photographer is granted by the Photographic Certification Commission, the world’s leading certification agency for imaging professionals.

As the leading certifying agency and association for imaging professionals, the Certification program is recognized throughout the industry as a sign of excellence. There are only 2,000 professional photographers in the United States who have passed the requirements of photographic knowledge and excellence of photographic work required to be certified.

Those who have earned the Certified Professional Photographer designation have passed a comprehensive written examination measuring their technical expertise, and have successfully submitted a portfolio of their actual work to a panel of judges for review and approval.

Every five years, a Certified photographer must renew his or her credentials by participating in continuing education programs and periodically submitting work for critical evaluation. This helps assure you that Certified photographers maintain their level of expertise and continue to develop new skills and techniques.

When you see the Certified Professional Photographer seal, you can be assured that photographer is among the few imaging professionals who have successfully completed and maintained the exacting standards for certification.

Your Professional photographer will record the most important moments in life. And while every situation brings new challenges, you can be assured that the Certified professional has the creativity and skills to deliver the best possible images for you.

It’s nice to know that your photographer has chosen to participate in this rigorous program. It demonstrates a continuing commitment to quality and professional improvement.

Be assured that whenever you enter a studio that displays the Certified emblem, you will be dealing with a professional who is able to provide you with the highest level of professionalism and expertise available.