Portrait Royalé

The premier product of Lord & Darling Portraits is the Portrait Royalé. The Portrait Royalé is our most formal and prestigious style, dating back centuries to Old Master painters patronized by kings. Everything about the Portrait Royalé emphasizes fine quality, from your finest clothing to our fine-art archival canvas.

The Portrait Royalé is designed to show you at your very best. You can expect no effort is spared to produce the highest quality heirloom wall décor that will last for generations.

Lorie Poet 2009-01-31 0023 152638.jpgJessies-Family.jpgCarol-30x30-color.jpgBendre-24x36.jpgSisters_Ewing 2009-03-21 13706 8x12.jpgTDS-2008-05-03-070-24x36.jpgThe-Presentation-30x30.jpgAngadi-Sanjeev-2006-08-13-343.jpgVanessa-24x36.jpgMohite-24x36.jpgWright-Melissa-2006-11-25-360.jpg

Portrait Sessions

Please see Procedures for more information on how to have a Portrait Royalé made for your family.