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Executive portraits, staff photos, headshots, or publicity photos–these are portraits that people in business need for press releases, trade publications, company directories, company websites, and whatever else may come up. These are the portraits that open doors, make winning impressions, and create opportunities to excel.

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Business Professionals

Lord & Darling Portraits photographs you on location at your place of business. For a traditional or conservative portrait on location, we usually will set up a background and lighting in a conference room or empty office. It normally takes about 30 minutes to set up the equipment for this, but once that is done each portrait usually takes only 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

We also make environmental executive portraits and editorial executive portraits. An environmental executive portrait is set up with lighting much like a traditional portrait, but your work environment is the background.

An editorial executive portrait is even less formal–more of a “photojournalistic” style–and more like the photos of executives that accompany magazine articles, usually conveying a “real life” feel.

For formal executive portraits intended as wall décor in your home or office, please take a look at our Portrait Royalé page. Remember that portraits used for wall décor in your office are tax deductible.

Actors’ and Models

Traditionally, actors use black and white or color 8×10-inch prints of a “headshot” photograph of themselves to submit to casting agencies or to take along to auditions.

A headshot is the most important marketing tool you can have. Most casting agencies or agents will want you to update your headshots every 6 months to a year.

It is your first impression — it can lose you the job or get you the audition! There are specific requirements for an actor’s headshot that differs from modeling headshots, executive portraits, or musician’s publicity photographs. Lord and Darling Portraits knows what the proper and best actor’s headshot requires to meet the demands of casting agencies and agents.

Products and Fees

Single portraits of 1 to 4 persons

Single portraits of 5 to 9 persons

Single portraits of 10 or more persons


$100 Session fee plus $150 per person

$500 + $50 for each person over 5 (no session fee)

$700 + $40 for each person over 10 (no session fee)



These rates include a consultation session, the photographic session itself, and the Professional Download.

Our Professional Download includes up to three finished JPEG and duplicate TIFF files of each person available for online download for one month as well as a perpetual print promotional use license for the images. This license enables you to use the photographs as often as you wish in any format you wish, forever, without further charge. However, the license included with the flat fee does not permit packaging illustration; a further license for packaging illustration is optional.

Having both JPEG and duplicate TIFF images ensures your pictures can be used by any product or publisher. If you’re using your portrait in any kind of publication like a brochure, business card, or newspaper, simply let the print professional know that you can provide them with a copy of the image in either JPEG or TIFF on the Professional Download.  We can also transmit images electronically to publications that prefer it that way.

The Professional Download package flat fee includes retouching of one image of your choice. The retouching includes blemish removal, softening  of wrinkles, repair of flyaway hair, removing lint on clothes, brightening eyes and teeth, and more. Retouching additional images is an option at additional cost of $50 per additional image.

Perpetual License to Copy

You have a perpetual license to freely reproduce the photographs in our Professional Disc for professional and publicity portraits.

The license for the Professional Download does not include packaging rights; packaging illustration license is optional. The license to copy does not include copying Lord & Darling Portraits prints, but only making additional prints from the Professional Download.