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In a Relationship family portrait, the setting and clothing take the back seat to emotional family ties. The background and clothing are completely neutral in tone and style—the relationship between the family members is the single important aspect of the portrait.

Now is the time to bring your loved ones together for the portrait that will make you smile every day for the rest of your life.  Whether it’s just the two of you or the entire clan, couples and family portraits show what you mean to each other better than any others.


The Lifestyle portrait hails from a more modern era, less formal in style and with your own home or grounds as the background. It records not just who you are, but how you live, describing you for future generations by the life you lead.


The glowing loveliness of a mother-in-waiting should never be left to mere memory, but preserved in a portrait to be amaze each generation afterward.  Lord & Darling Portraits Anticipation sessions should be scheduled for your 30th week of pregnancy.  We can schedule as late as the 35th week. Your belly should be the size of a volleyball to a basketball at the photography session.

You want to show your pregnancy, yet preserve your modesty.  When we plan the session with you, we’ll decide together whether to go with a low-key (dark clothing and background for drama) or high-key (light clothing and background for an airy feeling)—everyone should be color- and style-coordinated.  Please wear a long-sleeved top over a supportive bra, and comfortable pants.  We have a unique selection of background fabrics that we can use in pregnancy sessions, as well as satin “harem pants” that fit over your maternity slacks.  Please call us for more details–we want to plan with you.